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At BES Metering Services, we understand that different customers need different smart solutions, which is why we offer flexible pathways towards that 2024 UK Government deadline.

As a fully-authorised Meter Operator Provider (MOP), Meter Asset Manager (MAM) and Meter Asset Provider (MAP), with a nationwide footprint of engineers, we offer day hire and one stop shop options with solutions tailored to each contract.

Day Hire

At BES Metering Services, we understand that a supplier may not wish to appoint a third party as their MOP/MAM, or that they may already have service provider agreements in place. That is why we can provide a day hire only service for both traditional and smart meter requirements.

Our day hire option offers cost certainty to suppliers for both their smart meter rollouts and also for traditional meter requirements.

With a nationwide footprint, we can react, submit and deploy our fully industry compliant engineers within a 3-5 working day period.

One Stop Shop

With our one stop shop proposition, BES Metering Services aims to install dual fuel smart meters at a customer’s property the first time they visit. This not only allows us to ensure that the customer is not unnecessarily disturbed but also enables us to maximise our installation rate so that we consistently out-perform against industry dual fuel installs per day averages.

Delivering on the Smart Meter Implementation Programme (SMIP), at an install cost that is fully inclusive of first time visits while ensuring industry compliance enables suppliers to deliver their own smart meter rollout in the most cost effective way that is commercially viable. Contact us to find out more.

Our business, your solution

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Suppliers install smart meters at no extra cost to the bill payer

Yes, however there are potential complications as some meters may lose their smart functionality. Contact your supplier for more information.

All households in the UK must be offered a smart meter from their supplier by 2020 or you can contact your supplier directly.

Energy suppliers will arrange to install the smart meter, usually through a company that specialises in smart meters.

According to Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), all smart meters have to pass the same safety regulations as any other in-house technology.

Please ensure you make your supplier aware of any renewable energy generators, as this may affect the performance of the smart meter and should be assessed prior to installation.

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