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Steps we’re taking to ensure safe and seamless smart meter installations

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Smart meter installations slowed down significantly over lockdown, however here at BES Metering Services, we’re delighted to be expanding our team of engineers every week so we can ramp-up our installations once again.

We’re not up to full speed yet, but our meter engineers back on the road, making their way around the UK installing second generation smart meters (SMETS2) for hundreds of customers who have requested them.

The health and wellbeing of our customers and engineers is our highest priority, so we’ve taken the appropriate steps to keep everyone safe while installations are taking place. This means the installation process will look a little different than before, however we can guarantee you’ll still receive the same impeccable service.

Here’s what you can expect:

Before your engineer arrives

On the day of your appointment, our engineer will call you 30 minutes before they’re due to arrive at your premises to make sure your circumstances haven’t changed and it’s still safe for us to visit. During the call, they will ask you to ventilate the area they’re going to be working in for 30 minutes before they arrive. Our engineer will be equipped with antibacterial wipes and sanitiser, and before entering, they will sanitise their hands and put on PPE, comprising either a visor or a mask, and safety glasses.

During your smart meter installation

If your meter is situated inside, please open all doors to help restrict the amount of services our engineer needs to touch – remember to find any keys you need to access your meter box too, so you can open it up ready.They will sanitise equipment between jobs and wipe down any areas they come into contact with.
Our engineer will ask you to stay in another room while your installation is taking place, so they can adhere to social distancing guidelines – don’t worry, they’ll give you a shout if they need you!

After your installation
Once our engineer has installed your smart meter and you’re happy with the result, they will remove and safely get rid of any disposable PPE equipment they’ve used, and remove all waste from your premises.

If you haven’t yet had a smart meter installed, simply contact your energy supplier who will arrange this for you, free of charge.

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Suppliers install smart meters at no extra cost to the bill payer

Yes, however there are potential complications as some meters may lose their smart functionality. Contact your supplier for more information.

All households in the UK must be offered a smart meter from their supplier by 2020 or you can contact your supplier directly.

Energy suppliers will arrange to install the smart meter, usually through a company that specialises in smart meters.

According to Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), all smart meters have to pass the same safety regulations as any other in-house technology.

Please ensure you make your supplier aware of any renewable energy generators, as this may affect the performance of the smart meter and should be assessed prior to installation.

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